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Development trend of modified engineering plastics

source:english.whckxcl.com time:2019-03-26

Summary of information:

Engineering plastics can be modified by physical, chemical or physical/chemical combinations includi..

  Engineering plastics can be modified by physical, chemical or physical/chemical combinations including mixing (alloying), copolymerization and filler reinforcement. Modifications can greatly improve the performance of engineering plastics. In addition, the modification can use a polymer matrix to produce a variety of product diversified applications, improve the flexibility of production and operation, use single-machine multi-purpose, complete serial port production and specific products.

  Development trend of modified engineering plastics:

  1.Use ordinary plastic instead of engineering plastics. Thermoplastic general plastics have high throughput and low cost. We can improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance by using related technologies such as reinforcement, filling and alloying. The use of these plastics to replace engineering plastics in specific applications can reduce costs. With excellent cost performance, PP composites and alloys, in particular, have become the largest plastics category in automotive applications.

  2.Improve the performance of general engineering plastics. General engineering copolymerization, blending, alloying and composition of plastics can greatly improve mechanical properties, heat resistance and wear resistance, and durability. These versatile engineering plastics can be used to replace special engineering plastics in specific applications. There is also an important trend because high performance is used to modify the engineering plastics with magnetic, electrical and antibacterial functions. High-performance carbon fiber, carbon nanotube and graphene preparation processes are becoming mature, high-performance and multi-functional engineering plastics show good potential.

  3.Low-cost special engineering plastics. Due to the extremely high market price, special engineering plastics are generally used in military products. Only after reducing the cost can it be used for civilian products to expand the application. The methods for reducing costs include the following: first, general mixing, alloying, filling and strengthening of general plastic engineering plastics; second, reducing the cost of monomer sources; third, large-scale production.

  4.Green materials, processes and products. With only the environmental awareness of the entire society to strengthen those products from renewable resources, green technology equipment and engineering plastics are degradable safety products that meet the public's expectations, and renewable products will have more and more market demand. Future engineering plastics can not only be recycled, but also green raw materials and processes.