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After years of development, the company has continuously updated its equipment to improve the stability of its products. The so-called product is produced, not tested. Chuangke has more than 10 extrusion granulation lines from Coperon and Keya. Coperon and Keya are top extrusion granulations in the industry.

Equipment manufacturing expert.

The mixing equipment is upgraded synchronously into a high-speed mixer by a conventional low-speed agitator, maximizing the dispersion and homogenization of the raw materials, especially the auxiliaries and pigments, so that the mixed materials are more microscopically uniform.

System quality assurance

As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, Chuangke continues to improve product quality to meet customer needs. Innovative resin, each batch of product, each model and each region of the product is always consistent color. The benchmark and internal quality control system of the company is very strict and wide-ranging. ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 is only one of the strict quality standards that must be met by our factory. Techtronics' equipment for color matching, testing and development is based on the world's most advanced. Our advanced color matching system delivers product color solutions quickly and accurately.